Fragile Human


Fragile human

Kneeling down

Spirit weary

Crease in brow


Mouthing words

That no one hears

Hidden pain

Takes form in tears


Fragile human

Head is bowed

Praying for comfort

Silence so loud


Listening hard

For any reply

An answer, a message

From something divine


No voice can be heard

Then out of the blue

An image, a feeling

Of something more true


An embrace from above

Warm and pure

Fragile human encompassed

In love so sure


Not an audible voice

But a feeling within

Says “you are enough,

Please let me in.”


This embrace is not human

Not fragile or fleeting

Its ABBA himself

It is love overwhelming


Prayers of many collide

Giving God’s love this form

An embrace from above

Fragile human adorned.


— By Jessica Barajas

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